BMS Mobilya


About Us


At BMS furniture, we offer our customers an experience beyond their expectations by adopting innovation, aesthetics, and comfort as our guide and bringing together ergonomic design, sustainable production, and passion for functional furniture with the latest technologies of the age.

Our company, which has earned a reputation for its agility in production in the Dudullu region since 2009, adopts an innovative production way that aims to develop its product range by diversifying its stock and project-oriented original designs in a large spectrum. At BMS furniture, we have been transforming hotels, restaurants, cafes, houses, and gardens into spectacular spaces thanks to the attention we pay to the project process and details, by making it possible for our customers to reach their dreams since our establishment.

We approach the projects of chain and boutique brands with creative, modern, and technological designs, and offer our customers dynamic products suitable for special concepts without making concessions to furniture quality. We aim to meet even our most demanding customers with spaces beyond their expectations by bringing together passionate designs that appeal to different tastes with a wide variety of fabric and leather options.

We export unique, timeless, and elegant designs throughout the world after we transform them into high-quality durable products by always aiming at universal standards in design and production. We would like to welcome you to our 4000 m² Head Office, showroom, and production site in Sancaktepe or our 900 m² Showroom office in Kağıthane so that you can personally experience the remarkable design, superior craftsmanship, and high quality of BMS Furniture.

Our Vision

We adopt innovative solutions in line with the needs of the sector, without compromising our customer-oriented working principle, and it is our vision to bring our customers together with spectacular spaces all over the world by transforming unique designs into high-quality furniture.

Our Mission

As a global brand, we aim to strengthen our place in the sector every day, and we adopt the mission of producing durable furniture considering the daily intensive use of our products. Accordingly, we always prioritize customer satisfaction in the production process, which is blended with meticulousness, expertise, and experience, without compromising on the principle of using first-class materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and meticulous work. With this mission, we always stand by our customers with caring, attentive, and meticulous support services even after sales.

Our Values

Our company, which deeply appreciates respect and understanding, aims to sustain the value it gives to human relations by adopting mutual communication and a solution-oriented approach to customer relations, and we always take care to keep this approach. We have also adopted respect and loyalty as principles in our internal relations and it is our pleasure to be with you at all times and to work to make your dreams come true with our staff who always work devotedly and passionately. We would be pleased if you get in touch with us to change the atmosphere of your living spaces in a short time, to make room for the privilege of fascinating experiences in your life by transforming modern, stunning, and stylish designs into impressive spaces.